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with gray

Our goal is to fight the gray reality. The world is beautiful and untamed when we begin to see it. We try to reach out with art, especially music, wherever possible. In our activities, in addition to concerts and shows in prestigious concert halls, we also perform in smaller towns and in more unusual places such as shopping malls, schools, libraries, castles and many others, so as to reach people who have limited opportunities to participate in cultural life with an artistic message.

of reality

Artistic events that we organize are characterized by ingenuity, unconventionality and inexhaustible amounts of energy. We are committed to creating events that audiences will not forget. We strive for a synergy of many fields of art and to break the usual stereotypes, and we try to involve the audience in the creation of the work, so as to stimulate imagination and creativity among both performers and audiences of our events.

We focus on youth! An important part of our activities is to support young artists in the development of their careers, giving them the opportunity to participate in a number of workshops and concerts with renowned teachers and performers. We are also building a field for joint exchange of experiences and opportunities for cooperation, as well as promoting and providing financial support.



Koncert Baltic Alians

Chamber Orchestra

BalticAlians Chamber Orchestra was established in November 2018 on the initiative of Jan Staruch, Rafał Marek Wiśniewski and Janina Olszewska.  The name of the orchestra was created by combining the word Baltic (from Latin Balticium), meaning the Baltic Sea, and the word Alians in the sense of an alliance or brotherhood. The idea of create Orchestra, was born out of the shared passion of students of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk for string chamber music and the willingness to share it with others.


Art2Be is an idea born out of the willingness of artists of many professions to cooperate. By combining many fields of art, they try to create the most artistically complete work. The synergy of many branches of art referring to different senses gives the possibility of a fuller understanding and feeling of the work.

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