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with gray

Our goal is to fight with gray reality.  The world is beautiful and untamed when we start to see it.  Our recipe for the daily routine is a cocktail of creativity, mixed with sensitivity and innovation, served with creative and out-of-the-box thinking with a pinch of inspiration.  This is what we want to visualize and give.

of reality

The artistic events that we organize are an offer to change reality as well as providing incentives for personal development.  It is not only a temporary detachment from everyday life, but a permanent change in the perception of the world.  We want to give you something extraordinary, a real incubator of creativity, prepared in the production of emotions.  Our meeting together will initiate a change in your outlook on the world.  Break away of the routine and together let’s set off on a creative adventure of unconventional moments.  In our opinion, you are not an ordinary viewer, but a participant in the fleeting moment that we create together.  Come to the artistic feast and become its active participant, not another pillar supporting the walls of ordinariness.  We are waiting for you because we believe that together we can break the gray reality bubble.



Koncert Baltic Alians

Chamber Orchestra

BalticAlians Chamber Orchestra was established in November 2018 on the initiative of Jan Staruch, Rafał Marek Wiśniewski and Janina Olszewska.  The name of the orchestra was created by combining the word Baltic (from Latin Balticium), meaning the Baltic Sea, and the word Alians in the sense of an alliance or brotherhood. The idea of create Orchestra, was born out of the shared passion of students of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk for string chamber music and the willingness to share it with others.


Art2Be is an idea born out of the willingness of artists of many professions to cooperate. By combining many fields of art, they try to create the most artistically complete work. The synergy of many branches of art referring to different senses gives the possibility of a fuller understanding and feeling of the work.

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