Art 2 Be

A few words about the project

Art2Be is an idea born out of the willingness of artists of many professions to cooperate. By combining many fields of art, they try to create the most artistically complete work. The synergy of many branches of art referring to different senses gives the possibility of a fuller understanding and feeling of the work.

Thanks to this idea, the artistic spectacle of Art2Be was created, which by creating new arrangements of famous works by great artists using various fields of art, such as music, poetry, dance, step, photography or painting, serves an artistic feast. This initiative attracts many young artists who, thanks to a modern look at outstanding works of world rank, talent and willingness to share their sensitivity, give recipients of all ages a huge portion of impressions, emotions and inspiration.

Artistic show Art2Be

The premiere of the Art2Be artistic show took place in February 2019 in the Concert Hall of the Academy of Music in Gdańsk and was inspired by the work and figure of Marek Grechuta. Students from the Academy of Music in Gdańsk from all faculties (classical, musical and jazz musicians) performed on stage and presented the most beautiful works by Grechuta, incl. “Save from oblivion”, “You will be my lady” or “Days We Don’t Know”. In order to show the beauty of sung poetry in the best possible way, the performances were enriched with dance, steppe, painting, photography, and even a cabaret scene. The shows presented by young artists received favorable opinions both among people from the music industry and the inhabitants of Gdańsk. 

The most accurate summary of the first Art2Be show are the words spoken by the audience: “Thank you very much for this concert, for the great atmosphere and bubbling energy”. “I am an admirer of Marek Grechuta’s works and I would like to say that the combination of his outstanding works with dance, step or photography gave them a completely different dimension, thanks to which I got to know them anew”. “Congratulations on the concert, I will remember it for years to come.”

Art2Be 2

Driven by the success of the first edition of the event, we created a new proposal, this time inspired by the works of the legendary jazz duo – Ella Fitzgerald and Luis Armstrong. Composers will perform their own arrangements for songs, and jazz, musical and classical vocalists and instrumentalists will present them.

In addition, the project will be attended by the BalticAlians string orchestra – one of the most dynamically developing chamber orchestras in Pomerania, and Paweł Zagańczyk – an excellent accordionist and lecturer at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk, as well as Cezary Gadzin, an outstanding jazz saxophonist from Belgium. During the show, you will be able to admire dancing, painting and animation, as well as audience participation. Project details soon…

Join us!

Do you want to join us? Take part in innovative art projects? Develop your skills and broaden your knowledge and horizons under the watchful eye of specialists and outstanding artists? Send us your biography, photo and short video, and above all, write in a few sentences why you want to join us!